About Our Counselors


Larry Navey LCPC President

As the owner and president of Jean Miller Counseling Center I am dedicated to providing quality service that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. I have two objectives that I hope to accomplish in the first meeting with a client. The first is to identify the central underlying problem/problems that the client needs addressed. And my second goal is to demonstrate that I have a workable solution that will improve whatever situation my clients are facing. I hope each client leaves my office feeling that I have understood the problem and that I have a solution for the problem. My business philosophy is people-centered rather than money-centered. I believe that if all businesses focused more on providing the best possible product/service, understanding the need for a fair profit, then the financial aspect of the business will take care of itself.

My educational background includes a double major in psychology and Biblical studies at Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C. I also graduated with a Master's Degree from Wheaton College in Clinical Psychology. While attending grad school at Wheaton I worked in various psychiatric hospitals which proved invaluable in gaining an understanding of mental illness and its impact on families. Further, upon graduating Wheaton College, I worked as a family therapist on an in-patient psychiatric unit for children and adolescents. I have been working in private Christian practice since 2007 at Heritage Counseling Center in Plainfield, IL. In Sept. of 2012 I left Heritage to start Jean Miller Counseling Center LLC. Many have asked "Who is Jean Miller?" Well, Jean is my mother's middle name (Betty Jean) and Miller is my father's middle name (Donald Miller). They are both deceased and so the name seemed perfect.

My strength and passion is integrating the Christian faith (worldview) in the counseling process therefore helping people to a deeper connection with God and a better understanding of their purpose. More can be understood about me from my blog on the blog page of this website. I am always fair and I desire that every client leaves therapy feeling that they have been given the best service possible.

Olga Watts-Smith

Olga is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. She earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago and has been practicing since 2005 and has previously worked at Mercy Medical Center in Aurora providing short term care in the Behavioral Health Center to patients. She is a caring individual who wants to help your children grow and help provide the best care to all her clients.

Olga’s experience ranges from working with children and adolescents to adulthood. Her therapy style involves Play, Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. When working with children her goal is to offer parents encouragement and support to help them reduce disruptions in their everyday lives. Olga combines the child’s needs with the needs of the parents in helping the family unit work more cohesively, while still setting healthy boundaries for the child. When working with adults she works with the client in establishing principles and boundaries to help them with their everyday endeavors. Olga specializes in children and adolescents, women, families, depression, anxiety, self-injury, mood disorders, conduct disorder, building healthy relationships and anger management.